The Essentials for Production Enhancement

ARECO Technology Inc. brings innovative downhole solutions that enhance well productivity while reducing operational costs. Our products significantly improve the effectiveness of completion, ensure safety, and optimize prolonged well performance. Ultimately, ARECO’s cost-effective technology focuses on ease of use and safety, while helping our clients maximize oil & gas production.

The Missing Link Between

ARECO’s CoFrac™ technology optimizes the connection between perforating and hydraulic fracturing to minimize completion and production spending while extending the life of wells. After the shaped charge jet conducts perforation, the perforation jet carries the propellants into the perforating tunnel. Pressure drop triggers the propellants to burn continuously throughout the tunnel, releasing energy directly to the perforation tunnel. This will

  • Burn the crushed zone compact layer
  • Flush and induce flow back of tunnel debris
  • Deepen the penetration of the high-energy jet
  • Induce fracture networks directly to the formation without damage to the wellbore and casing

Assure maximized ROI with ARECO’s CoFrac™ system.

Downhole Solutions that Work

Work with proven technology that operates simply, efficiently, effectively.
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    Optimal Design

    Industry forward concepts and designs with the objective of maximizing oil and gas production.

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    Rigid Testings

    Rigorous testings to ensure end products exceed industry expectations.

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    The Right Team

    Leading researchers, industry experts, and innovative thinkers.


    A company that understands industry needs, fulfills industry wants.

News & Events

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  • SPE Liquids-Rich Basins Conference 2018
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  • OTC 2017
  • JRC Section II Test
  • GPS 2017

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